We as Sacit Zorlu Metal realize that investment we make in our employees is the most fundamental investment we make to our company. For this reason, we consider our Human Resources Policy as the most important milestone of our Total Quality Policy. We have created our Human Resources Policy in line with goals and strategies of our company with these principles;

  • Bringing qualified workforce to our company.
  • Investing the future of our employees with continuous trainings.
  • Analyzing skills and qualifications of our employees better and support them in their career golas.
  • Contributing to the motivation to work with forward-looking targets by keeping each position open.
  • Analyzing the current situation under fair and ethical conditions with annual 360 degree performance evaluations.
  • Providing a safe and ergonomic working environment by listening to the wishes and recommendations of all our employees.
  • Creating an effective and motivated organization with a high employee satisfaction by creating platforms that our employeees can also contribute Human Resources Applications.

We as Sacit Zorlu Metal are running together principles such as skills acquisition, performance evaluations, continuous training, subsidiary rights, labor law, administrative affairs and human resources and keep our Human Resources Policy up to date in order to be a preffered brand by every candidate.