Get to Know Our Company

Sacit Zorlu Metal Industry and Trande Incorporated Company was founded in 2002 by Mechanical Engineer Sacit Zorlu, founding partner of Tema Alüminium which has been in aluminium industry since 1993. The company started to produce aluminium profiles as Sacit Zorlu SZ Engineering Machinery and Metal Industry commercial titlewith a single press of 1000 tons in an old extrusion facility located in Sekerpinar in order to test its own production capability at the beginning. The company has succeded to produce 150 tons of aluminium profile per month as a result of its own technical stuff making improvements on the press. Company managers has improved their decision of producing aluminium profile upon this situation, This decision brings an idea of setting up a new and high technology facility. Setting up of new facility has started in year 2010 in Sakarya 3. Organized Industrial Zone and located to operate on 17000 m² wide land. At the beginning company has a 1600 tons press and production capacity of 300 tons of aluminium profiles, but in a short time demand is raised and increase on production capacity needed. Monthly production capacity is increased to 500 tons by adding a 1200 tons press.

2013 yılında, tesiste ekstrüzyon faaliyeti devam ederken, 2 adet Elektrostatik Toz Boya hattının kurulumu tamamlanmış ve buna paralel olarak, ekstrüzyon kapasitesini artırmak amacı ile 1400 tonluk 3. Presin hazırlıklarına başlanmıştır.

In year 2013, setup of 2 electrostatic powder coating lines was completed while extrusion operations are continuing in facility, at the same time they started the preparations for 3rd 1400 tons capacity press in order to increase extrusion capacity.

In year 2017, setup of 3rd press was completed, so production capacity of facility has reached to 750 tons per month. In the same year, the company started to build anodization line and planning to complete in the first half of 2018 and ensure working full capacity.

Sacit Zorlu Metal currently exporting more than 20 countries and so continues to present its name and quality to the world.

Our Vision

Is being the best and most economical solution producing, the best technical support and fastest service providing company in our industry.

Our Mission

Is providing our high quality and reliable products to our customers which we produced with pronciples of innovation, creativity and sustainability and maintain and improve our portfolio bysurviving even after centruies.

Our Strategy

Is improve and develop our quality day by day by carrying it to higher levels with a customer oriented mindset which contains respect to human beings and environment.